The Finals players demand a Portal Gun instead of Recon Senses

The Finals players demand a Portal Gun instead of Recon Senses
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The Finals players often have many requests for the online shooter since it launched, with many taking to the game’s community pages to ask for the introduction of mechanics and users. These can range from the outlandish, to the simple – but often times using inspiration from other FPSes.

Now one user by the name of RecallingMemories has taken to The Finals subreddit to submit their proposal to give players a Portal Gun from Valve’s popular shooter, rather than the usual Recon Senses that Medium build players can usually pick.

A screenshot of a video game with a Portal Gun in the background.
(Image credit: recallingmemories on Reddit)

So far, their proposal appears to have been welcomed positively, with the thread getting hundreds of upvotes in its first day, and comments like “Please” and “OK, this I would be OK with! This is an amazing idea!”

Some users are a little skeptical, of course – such as Mouldycolt. “Can you imagine tho. Even with a short range this would be so busted. Not even thinking about using it as a shooting trap, or how to just steal the cash out box.”

However, they admit that they’d still love to see the chaos such an addition would cause to the game. “I almost want to dedicate my life to traveling to another dimension where the portal gun is in this game just to see that meta.”

A few people in the thread were reminded of another recent multiplayer shooter that used portals – namely Splitgate, the Halo-esque shooter that burned brightly, if briefly, back in 2021. “I really wish that caught on. I liked it, but could never get anyone to play,” said TheNonCredibleHulk

Others are also worried about the comparisons, however – citing their own experiences with Splitgate. “I loved splitgate until I got fed up of people sniping me from the air, and there being basically no way to see them through a portal despite them seeing you.”

Still, it’s certainly a neat idea and would no doubt give The Finals players even more options when it comes to traversal. Already, they’ve been players have been talking about how much they love and hate moving platform cashouts.

We’ll have to wait and see if developer Embark Studios take this feedback on board – and of course, consider the no doubt difficult technical challenges of getting a portal gun working in a game with this much destruction.

As natesucks4real puts it “My dude— the destruction in this game should explode every computer and it works because of magic. Don’t tempt fate.” – though it’d most certainly be a cool thing to see the devs attempt.

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