The Finals players love and hate moving platform cashouts

The Finals players love and hate moving platform cashouts
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Most of the time, your main worry when trying to steal a cashout in The Finals is taking out the enemy team before you can start the steal. But when you add a moving platform into the mix, suddenly everything becomes a lot harder to deal with. And those moving platforms certainly sparked some debate over on Reddit with two camps not seeing eye to eye.

In a post from u/MaGunter, they asked “Does anyone else absolutely hate the moving platform cash outs?”. They give two scenarios that always seem to crop up, where the defending team is immediately overrun and loses the cashout, or where multiple attacking teams end up taking each other out before getting anywhere near the cashout – either way, it seems unbalanced.

And some players were in agreement. “I think the better way to put it is that it feels like a war of attrition. The third party clean up crew is the only winner.” according to u/Wonderful_Result_936. Meanwhile, u/DrNopeMD has a different issue with them, commenting that “if you team wipe while attacking or defending, you can get completely f***ed by where the game chooses to respawn you.”

But not everyone agrees. “The variety is nice and can force people to change up their strategy” replied u/Briar-The-Bard, with u/turbobuddah adding that “The hanging ones are always fun, easy to booby trap. It’s surprising how few people realise that it only takes a red cannister [sic] to two corners where the cable joins to bring the platform down”

Some players love them so much that they called for even more mechanics like this to be added. “They’re one of my favourite parts of the game. Definitely not at all impossible to defend and they create so many fun and unique situations. I hope they add more dynamic stuff like that in the future” commented u/Sylvus_.

Overall, u/Feeling-Detective975 probably put it best by saying “it is one of those things where ‘i am never able to defend it, but i am also never able to capture it’ things. My brain just doesn’t sync with thise. Enemies fall on that plattform [sic] like crazy and take it from me, but i stand on the house looking like a fool figuring out how to take it.” You and me both buddy, you and me both.