The Finals players demand this glitch be fixed after 2 years

The Finals players demand this glitch be fixed after 2 years
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The Finals is still a fairly new game, but it is still plagued by many problems. Despite this, players are still enjoying the game and these are just issues that need to be navigated around. One of these is a glitch that prevents players from shooting their weapon randomly. Despite being present since the alpha in 2022 it still remains in the game.

First-person view in "The Finals" video game showing a player aiming an assault rifle at an enemy during an urban combat scenario, with debris flying around.
Image via Embark Studios

U/Chaoslava took to Reddit to voice their frustration with this glitch, and it seems like they’re not very happy.

“PLEASE CAN YOU FlX THE CAN NOT SHOOT GLITCH, ITS BEEN YEARS. You can find threads on the Steam forums bringing this up TWO YEARS ago. This glitch is absolutely insane. Just, randomly, after activating your special ability, you will be left unable to shoot. All you can do is reload your full gun. You cannot throw grenades or use gadgets. This is going on far too long. It’s absolutely enraging.”

U/Appown shared some insight on what could be causing the glitch saying “It seems the more you put in inputs the more likely it is to happen like spamming gadgets and stuff which in a fast paced game just happens very often. It is very annoying the only fix i know is to pick up objects and throw them over and over until it fixes itself. I hope the devs do something about it because it has been a bug thats been in the game for a long time.”

U/Spork-In-Your-Rye also gave their opinions on the glitch saying “Every once in a while this happens to me and it’s so annoying. I lost a couple games because of it, and I remember this one time both my teammates left the game because they died and were spectating me while I fought the other team. I couldn’t shoot and got bodied.”

With the glitch still being present since the alpha and beta, it seems like Embark Studios isn’t in a rush to fix it. But, fixing issues like this will be crucial if they want to continue to grow the game.

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