The Finals is officially underperforming but growth is expected

The Finals is officially underperforming but growth is expected
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The Finals is a great multiplayer experience with fun gameplay along with fantastic unique weapons and cosmetics. There was a lot of hype leading up to its launch, but, sadly, the full game hasn’t entirely reached its expected heights. Nexon reports that The Finals is underperforming, but it’s not all doom and gloom as there are caveats along with expected growth.

If you are a fan of The Finals, you should know that this week’s update has slightly been delayed with the developer currently working on it. While waiting for this update to come out, players can work together to unlock a new cute reward for free by completing the latest community event challenge.

While there is always stuff going on in the multiplayer experience, it is currently performing ‘lower-than-expected’. Fortunately, growth is anticipated by the publisher, and there are plans in motion to get the game to reach out to more people.

The Finals is performing ‘lower-than-expected’

Publisher Nexon has reported that The Finals is performing ‘lower than expected’. This comes courtesy of their Q1 2024 report.

In the report, it says ‘The launch of Season 2 in March created a short-lived increase in player metrics but delivered lower-than-expected retention and revenue’.

In addition, the report says that revenue in North America and Europe is up 92% year over year with ¥9.9 billion. This was primarily driven by contributions from The Finals, Dave The Diver, and MapleStory, but revenue still fell below Nexon’s expectations ‘due to the lower-than-expected performance of The Finals’.

While the statement that the game is underperforming is disappointing, fans shouldn’t be worried about the game dying. As also mentioned in the report, ‘The Finals pushed consolidated MAUs up on a year-over-year basis as well as sequentially’.

Not only that, but Nexon is anticipating growth with Season 3, and they are going to have the Embark team work with Nexon’s ‘Korea-based Live Operations team to understand and address the key issues’ in regard to player retention and revenue.

Expecting more players to return with Season 3 is understandable, and hopefully this time they will stick around. The release date for Season 3 is less than a month away as it’s currently pegged for June 11th. Right now Embark has confirmed that there will be another new map along with the introduction of a massive new comms feature. Fans can also expect new gadgets and weapons along with hopefully summer-themed cosmetics.

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