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Tetris 99 gets Metroid Dread crossover in its latest Grand Prix

Tetris 99 Metroid Dread
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Battle Royale puzzler Tetris 99 has revealed its latest Grand Prix event, a crossover with Metroid Dread.

Running from October 29 through to November 2, players will be able to play Tetris 99 with a specially themed board. Based on Samus Aran’s latest adventure, there’s custom blocks, a specific background with Samus and an E.M.M.I. and a specific soundtrack to enjoy. As always, players will earn a set number of points depending on their placement in matches during the event. Score 100 points before the Grand Prix ends, and you keep the theme forever.

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It’s the twenty-sixth(!) Grand Prix event since the puzzle game launched for Nintendo Switch Online members back in 2019. Recent iterations have included themes based on WarioWare: Get It Together! and Monster Hunter Rise to name just two.

If you’re not up to speed, by the way, Metroid Dread is an excellent game in its own right. Josh scored it an 8 in our review earlier this month. He said “Where the studio succeeds—and where Metroid Dread elevates from noble and flawed effort to inspired riff—is in its embrace of the unreachable.”

Check out the trailer for the Tetris 99 Metroid Dread Grand Prix for yourself down below. The event kicks off at 8am UK time on October 29, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Tetris 99

on Nintendo Switch

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13 February 2019