Nintendo is reportedly working on a 1-2-Switch Sequel inspired by the Jackbox Party Pack games

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Reports have emerged claiming that Nintendo is working on a sequel to Switch minigame compilation launch title 1-2-Switch.

The report comes via Fanbyte, who say the news comes from “multiple sources with knowledge of the product in question”. According to them, the follow-up had the working title of Everybody’s 1-2-Switch. Apparently, inspiration for the sequel would come from the Jackbox Party Pack series of minigames. If you’re somehow not familiar, this is an ongoing annual series of party minigames that include titles like Fibbage and Quiplash.

Nintendo got to work on creating the sequel, which would include several mini games with lobbies supporting 100 players via smartphones. These included variations on party classics like Musical Chairs, Spin the Bottle and Bingo. The report claims that Nintendo wrapped these mini-games around a gameshow theme, complete with a horse-headed host named ‘Horse’. However, it seems the project hit a major stumbling block when it came to testing.

According to Fanbyte, the minigames tested “horribly” with playtesters. It was so bad, they claim, that even families with children found the games boring. A ‘Battle Mode’, said to be the collection’s main focus, was even said to be called “Horses***” during localisation as a play on the host’s name.

While many games might go through issues with testing, Fanbyte’s sources say this took Nintendo by surprise. They claim that “trusted employees” raised concerns that releasing the game in its current state would damage Nintendo’s reputation. So despite boxart being made, it’s unknown if Nintendo will even announce the game. However, Fanbyte also suggests Nintendo may choose to release the game as a Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass perk.

Nintendo hasn’t commented on the report or existence of Everybody’s 1-2-Switch at the time of writing, so of course take this with a pinch of salt.

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