Super Smash Bros. Ultimate literally has every character to ever appear in the series

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate literally has every character to ever appear in the series
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Nintendo went full-on deep dive into the new Super Smash Bros. game for the Switch today during its E3 presentation, confirming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will have every fighter ever released in the series.

No, they're not joking. It's the biggest gaming crossover ever, so you've got everyone from Mario, Fox, Pikachu, to the likes of Ryu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Solid Snake, and even Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. 

When you add all that up, you're getting over 60 fighters. Blimey. Some characters will be returning after a decade, too.

Returning characters have been tweaked and feature new abilities; for example, Mario has fresh clobber he can put on to enhance his abilities, and there's now a female version of Pikachu. 

Zelda's now based on her Zelda: A Link Between Worlds incarnation, and her Final Smash is Tri-Force of Wisdom. Meanwhile, the Pokemon Trainer comes in male and female variations, while Cloud sports his costume from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and has a Limit Gauge. 

Even Princess Daisy, the often-forgotten damsel in distress from Super Mario Land, joins the fray as Princess Peach's Echo Fighter. 

Assist Trophies will be coming back too, and you now get points for KO-ing them. There's more than 50 in total, including Bomberman, while stages feature returning highlights such as Kongo Falls, Peach's Castle, Green Hill Zone, New Pork City, while there's now Battlefield and Omega versions of each one.

The best bit? Nintendo GameCube controllers are also fully compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Oh, and they closed out the whole thing with one last character reveal: Ridley, the badass demonic-looking thing from the Metroid universe.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is due out on Switch on December 7.