Nintendo confirmed during its final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct broadcast that Street Fighter's Ken is joining the roster, alongside the feline Pokemon Incineroar.

Ken is obviously very similar to Ryu, but he does have a number of differences. Some of his moves set your enemies alight, he's faster than Ryu, and his Hadouken differs somewhat in terms of appearance.

Incineroar meanwhile is a Pokemon that looks like it has been hitting the weights, as it's pretty hench and packs a mean punch. Fans might probably know it from the Sun & Moon series, and specialises in pro-wrestling.

Ken and Incineroar's inclusions brings Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster to 74 at launch. And no, Waluigi isn't included. But don't get upset, because Piranha Plant is coming to Smash as a post-launch, fully playable character!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also introduces Spirit fighters, who back up your characters in a battle. There's several classes: Novice, Advanced, Aces, and Legend. Only one primary can be assigned at a time, and boost your character's stats; Support Spirits are also available to buff your primary spirit, giving them new abilities in the process.

Unsurprisingly, there's local wireless and online multiplayer available, so you can test your might against other players. You'll be booted out of a match if you keep self-destructing, and Ninty recommends a wire LAN cable for best connection results.

There's also a Spectator Mode and warm-up space included, and the game connects with the Nintendo Switch Online app, allowing you to voice chat with other players. There's also a new service called Smash World that's due to roll out in 2019, but further details have yet to be revealed.

The Big N revealed that Ultimate boasts an impressive 59 Assist Trophies, which is more than the number of Pokemon featured in the game. 

Finally, the company confirmed it will be flogging new content post-launch, in the shape of a new character, stage, and music track. You can snap them all up as part of the Fighters Pass, which features five additional fighters in total.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is due out on Nintendo Switch on December 7.

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