An incredibly impressive stop-motion Cuphead animation is doing the rounds, and it caught the eye of developer Studio MDHR, who is amazed by the “unbelievable” work (via Nintendo Life). 

It seems that the cup runneth over when it comes to Cuphead. It was a runaway success, selling 125,000 copies within the first few days of its launch, and the Delicious Last Course DLC hooked us back in again with a new playable character, levels, and bosses. So far, Cuphead has sold five million copies and has gone platinum five-times over, and it’s even getting its own Netflix show “in full color and cine-sound.”

Blimey. Though devilishly difficult, Cuphead has left its mark on the run and gun genre and shares a special place in countless players’ souls. Davy Productions is among them, and they’ve made a stop-motion Cuphead animation from the Cuphead construction sets from McFarlane Toys. The film even reproduces boss battles with the game’s original soundtrack and sound effects. It’s a Herculean undertaking that took the creator four whole months to produce, and they’re very happy with the result. 

“Cuphead had been one of my favorite platformers of 2017 and one of my favorite games I’ve ever played,” said Davy Productions. “I am now working on a new project I am happy with so far and have some new ideas for videos in the works so I’m hoping you guys are excited for the future. I’d also like to thank Studio MDHR for making such an amazing game and I am excited for what they produce next. Here’s to a great new year!”

Cuphead is out now for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. Watch Davy Productions’ fan film below.


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