Stellar Blade New Zealand trick to play the game early

Stellar Blade New Zealand trick to play the game early
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Stellar Blade New Zealand trick

  • You can do the New Zealand trick for Stellar Blade.
  • As a PS5 exclusive, you will have to buy the game from the NZ PSN.
  • The game goes live first in New Zealand, making this compatible.

When new games come out, people want to play them as early as possible, even before the release date. This is why you might want to know about the Stellar Blade New Zealand trick and if you can do it. This trick involves changing your time zone to match New Zealand, but it doesn’t work with every game. Your platform also changes the method slightly. We were very impressed with Stellar Blade, despite its many shortcomings and many are excited for the release.

Stellar Blade New Zealand trick explained

Technically, you can exploit the New Zealand trick to play Stellar Blade early. Put simply, the New Zealand trick can be used if a game releases at midnight in New Zealand, which is the case with Stellar Blade. However, to do this on your PS5, you will need to buy the game from the NZ storefront.

Stellar Blade new zealand trick - EVE, the main character, during a cutscene.
You play as EVE throughout all of Stellar Blade. Image taken by VideoGamer

Since Stellar Blade is a PlayStation 5 exclusive, you will have to take extra steps than simply changing your region. Here’s how to perform the New Zealand trick for Stellar Blade:

  • First, you must create a brand new PSN account and set the region to New Zealand.
  • After you do this, you will have to buy the game on your New Zealand PSN account from the NZ storefront.
  • Since you can’t use your UK credit card to do this, you will have to find another way to purchase PSN Credit.
  • Once you’ve done this, and the release date rolls around – you can play Stellar Blade as of Thursday 25, 1pm GMT. This is 13 hours early in the UK. This also works if you live in the US.

Stellar Blade is set to be released on April 26 in the UK. In the UK, performing the New Zealand trick means you can play it 13 hours before its official launch thanks to the regional time difference. This means you can essentially buy and play the game before its official release in your region, if you simply can’t wait until April 26.