Starfield’s latest character bio is getting fans hyped for the game’s release

Starfield’s latest character bio is getting fans hyped for the game’s release
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With Starfield just over a week away from release, fans of the upcoming Bethesda Game Studios sci-fi RPG can’t wait to dive in. In the lead-up to its release, Bethesda has released some new information about the game’s Chair of Constellation, Sarah Morgan, and fans are excited to learn even more in the coming weeks.

Sarah Morgan, voiced by Emily O’Brien, who you may recognize as the voice of Amelie in Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, is “a veteran of the Colony War. While she was only a navigator, her ship saw significant combat”. The post, uploaded to the official Starfield Twitter account, notes that “after the war, Sarah devoted her life to exploration, searching the galaxy for new worlds and new wonders to uncover”.

Morgan doesn’t sound too dissimilar from many fans looking to travel from planet to planet without a care in the world. Hopefully, we’ll get more detail on Morgan’s backstory when the game releases, as she’s set to be one of the many companions you can convince to accompany you across the galaxy.

A few months ago at the Starfield Direct, it was revealed that Morgan had the following skills:

  • Botany – Rank 1
  • Leadership – Rank 2
  • Lasers – Rank 3
  • Astrodynamics – Rank 4

Given Morgan’s past, it makes sense that she’d be confident using laser weapons. However, given she’s the Chair of Constellation, her leadership skill seems relatively low. Perhaps it’s not too bad in context, but we can only speculate until Starfield releases.

With the Starfield release date just around the corner, you might want to brush up on all the Starfield companions we know so far. Alongside this, be sure to check out our guides on Starfield planets and Starfield weapons to be fully prepared for September 6 (or if you managed to get early access to the game, August 31). is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2023-09-20