Starfield release times map – UK /US start time, countdown and when you can play

Starfield release times map – UK /US start time, countdown and when you can play
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Looking for a Starfield global release times map and when you can play Starfield? Then you’re in the right place. After several days of early access for those who’d picked up the game’s premium editions – the standard and Game pass versions are getting ready to take off.

Bethesda’s first new IP in over a decade is nearly here, and those who’ve been patient enough are soon to be rewarded with an excellent RPG – how good? Well, why not check out our Starfield review to answer that question. So when can the rest of us blast off on this massive space-faring adventure?

To help you find out when you’ll be able to get your hands on the game, Bethesda has put out a super handy release time map. And given the size of the Starfield preload, you can hardly blame those gamers who want to try and fit their schedule around what’s sure to be an absolutely mammoth RPG.

Starfield global release times map – when can I play Starfield?

With just hours to go before the game’s full launch, you can check out when Starfield drops in each region thanks to the handy map, courtesy of Bethesda, below. We’ve also listed all of the early access and actual launch windows below if the map is hard to read, so you’ll be completely in the know if you want to play Starfield early.

Starfield release times map

Starfield releases at the same time worldwide, regardless of country. So unfortunately, the infamous New Zealand trick won’t work. Alas, you’ll just have to be patient and wait for that unlock time as it happens. The good news is, that due to New Zealand being the first to enter the game’s respective release dates, it actually means you can start playing a few hours before the official stated release date of September 6 in certain countries (mainly in the US and North America).

We have also broken down launch times depending on where you are in the US, including those in the West Coast US, East Coast US and Central US.

Starfield release time North America

  • 17:00 PDT Aug 31st – early access
  • 18:00 CDT Aug 31st – eary access
  • 19:00 PET Aug 31st – early access
  • 20:00 EDT Aug 31st – early access
  • 17:00 PDT Sep 5th – wider release
  • 18:00 CDT Sep 5th – wider release
  • 19:00 PET Sep 5th – wider release
  • 20:00 EDT Sep 5th – wider release

Starfield release time South America

  • 21:00 BRT Aug 31st – early access
  • 21:00 BRT Aug 31st – wider release

Starfield release time UK & Western Europe

  • 01:00 BST Sep 1st – early access
  • 02:00 CEST Sep 1st – early access
  • 01:00 BST Sep 6th – wider release
  • 02:00 CEST Sep 6th – wider release

Starfield release time Europe, Middle East, Africa

  • 03:00 EEST Sep 1st – early access
  • 03:00 EAT Sep 1st – early access
  • 04:00 AED Sep 1st – early access
  • 05:30 IST Sep 1st – early access
  • 06:00 ALMT Sep 1st – early access
  • 07:00 ICT Sep 1st – early access
  • 03:00 EEST Sep 6th – wider release
  • 03:00 EAT Sep 6th – wider release
  • 04:00 AED Sep 6th – wider release
  • 05:30 IST Sep 6th – wider release
  • 06:00 ALMT Sep 6th – wider release
  • 07:00 ICT Sep 6th -wider release

Starfield release time Asia, Australia, New Zealand

  • 08:00 CST Sep 1st – early access
  • 09:00 JST Sep 1st – early access
  • 10:00 AEST Sep 1st – early access
  • 12:00 NZST Sep 1st – early access
  • 08:00 CST Sep 6th – wider release
  • 09:00 JST Sep 6th – wider release
  • 10:00 AEST Sep 6th – wider release
  • 12:00 NZST Sep 6th – wider release

Starfield release time countdown

If you’re the sort of person who likes a nice fancy clock to watch as the seconds tick down, we’ve got you covered. The clock below should auto-adjust to your applicable time zone differences, and it’s counting down to the standard edition launch of Starfield.

When does Starfield release on Xbox Game Pass?

Starfield will be available on the Game Pass service from ‘Day One’ – in this case meaning the game’s standard release date of Wednesday, September 6. Those on Game Pass who opted for the Starfield Premium Edition upgrade have been able to play since last Friday.

That’s all you need to know for now on the Starfield release times map. While you countdown the hours to launch, we’ve already got a bunch of guides to help you on your first few hours in Bethesda’s new galaxy. Check out our Starfield beginner’s guide – tips and tricks to survive the Settled Systems and our pick of the best Starfield ship builds – our favourite designs so far.

Starfield early access FAQ

What time is the Starfield release in the UK?

Starfield will launch at 01:00 BST for those in the UK, so prepare for a very late night. Be sure to preload the game now, to be able to play immediately.

Is Starfield early access worth it?

This all depends. If you’re wanting to get a head start and explore the galaxy first, then early access is the way to go. But remember, you will be a paying a premium for it.