Move over hot dog spaceship, aspiring Starfield chefs are recreating in-game dishes in real life

Move over hot dog spaceship, aspiring Starfield chefs are recreating in-game dishes in real life
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It has quickly become a well-known fact that the myriad customization options available at the press of a button within Starfield essentially lets you live out your space-based roleplaying fantasies. From creating ships that resemble an unappetizing hotdog sandwich to recreating Captain Jack Sparrow’s likeness at the beginning of the game, the only limit that can truly be imposed upon you within is the boundary that extends directly from your imagination.

Now, creating the best Starfield ship designs and experimenting with customization choices in the Starfield character creator is undoubtedly some of the most fun you can have in the game. However, it seems one particular fan wasn’t quite satisfied by simply roleplaying in the Settled Systems after they decided to recreate an iconic in-game food product in real life: Chunks.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Chunks brand in Starfield is famous for creating easy-to-prepare meals that appear in the form of, well, chunks. From classic dessert dishes like Pie and Cake to staple protein offerings like Beef and Chicken, these cubed food products not only cover all your basic food groups but also give you the sustenance necessary to survive Va’Ruun Zealots, space pirates, and other unsavory adversaries that threaten to ruin your Artifact scavenger hunt.

Instead of cooking up a bland cube of Chunks Apple or Chunks Chicken, though, this dedicated player decided to create a tastier looking variant called the Chunks breakfast instead. If you want to try this out for yourself, then the recipe is simple: all you’ll need are two cubes of fried spam (or any type of canned meat), a cubed over-medium egg, and a can of beans on the side. Alas, the beans were not in Chunks form, so some commenters ended up docking points for the overall effort.

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With fans continuing to discover more of the entertaining and creative features that Starfield has to offer, this may not be the last we hear of a fan recreating an iconic in-game dish in real life. Now, before you rush to try this out yourself, though, check out our guides on how to use photo mode in Starfield, how to sell survey data in Starfield, and how to hail ships in Starfield as well.