Star Wars Outlaws will let you work with Jabba the Hut

Star Wars Outlaws will let you work with Jabba the Hut
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Star Wars fans have been clamouring for any news relating to Ubisoft Massive’s upcoming open-world game, Star Wars Outlaws, since it was shown off at the Xbox Games Showcase. Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con it now appears players will run into some familiar Hutt faces when the game releases.

Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con (via IGN) Star Wars Outlaws director, Julian Gerighty revealed that players will be able to work with and if they want to, betray Jabba the Hutt. Speaking on Tatooine Gerighty said, “If you close your eyes and give people a choice to go anywhere in Tatooine? Mos Eisley. And specifically one watering hole in Mos Eisley. The opportunity is that you can see all the nooks and crannies. You can see all the things that are informed by the Lucasfilm archives.”

Gerighty continued, “This concept of virtual tourism is important to us. If you’ve ever wondered the distances from the moisture farms to the cantina? We have an experience for you.” As noted by IGN it appears that players will be able to spend quite a bit of time at Jabba’s palace either “navigating the criminal underworld” or performing “missions for the Hutt himself.”

Alongside this, Lucasfilm senior creative director Matt Martin also confirmed that Star Wars Outlaws would operate using an “80/20” rule. This means that 80% of Star Wars design should be familiar while the other 20% would include some sci-fi inspiration. This was noted when talking about the design of Tatooine noting that 80% included inspiration from East Africa while 20% was made of city structures and crystals.

It appears that fans of the various rogues and bounty hunters from Star Wars have a lot to look forward to in Ubisoft Massive’s new Star Wars venture. In other Star Wars Outlaws news, Star Wars Outlaws will feature an “ever-present” GTA-like wanted system and Star Wars Outlaws gameplay gives Uncharted vibes, and not a lightsaber in sight.

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