Splash Damage New Project
Ben Borthwick by on Oct 14, 2021

Splash Damage are working on a new game in an “original sci-fi universe”

Brink and Gears Tactics developer Splash Damage has revealed it’s working on a new game in an original sci-fi universe.

The British studio made the announcement while encouraging potential developers to come work at the studio on the new project. The post on the website reads “We’ve loved working with established IPs like Wolfenstein, Gears of War, and Halo over our 20-year history, but we’re eager to create another world of our own like Brink, Outcasters, and Dirty Bomb.”

Currently, the new project appears to be in a very early stage, as it doesn’t even have a name. The studio says that the new hires will have a major impact on the new IP. It also adds that the successful candidates will “help shape the future of the studio”.

There’s some minor details we can perhaps infer about the new project in these roles. The Design Director role mentions “experience in creating first or third person shooters” is a bonus, so it seems it’ll lean more towards the studio’s bread-and-butter than the strategy focused Gears Tactics was. The post for the Lead Level Designer, meanwhile, says the successful applicant will help to build “epic, memorable, stunning maps.”

Last July, it was reported that Sony were looking to acquire Splash Damage. However, this never came to pass as a few weeks later Chinese company Tencent bought up the studio’s parent company Leyou instead.


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