by on Apr 3, 2020

Sony states The Last of Us Part II is delayed indefinitely

Sony announced that The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR have been delayed “until further notice,” as a result of the impacts of the pandemic (via Twinfinite).

The company said it was a “difficult decision,” but a necessary one owing to the “global crisis… preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve.” The two titles were expected to release in May, and so the losses are saddening for the developers and for the players. It’s also not the first delay that the two games have had to face—The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR were intended to release in February.

Naughty Dog, the developer of The Last of Us Part II, has shared its own statement on the situation, and admitted that it is “what’s best and fair for all of our players.” The game is “nearly done,” with the teams “in the midst of fixing our final bugs,” which is frustrating for the fans and the studio. “However… we were faced with the reality that due to logistics beyond our control, we couldn’t launch The Last of Us Part II to our satisfaction,” explained Naughty Dog. 

“We want to make sure everyone gets to play The Last of Us Part II around the same time,” it continued. Final Fantasy VII Remake and Resident Evil 3 physical shipments have been affected by the pandemic, and Square Enix elected to ship copies to Europe and Australia ahead of the rest of the world. “We’re hoping that this won’t be a long delay and we’ll update you as soon as we have new information to share,” added Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR are coming to the PlayStation 4 in the future.


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