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Sniper Elite 5 shines a spotlight on weapons and customization in latest trailer

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Rebellion has released a new trailer for upcoming shooter sequel Sniper Elite 5, focusing on the game’s weapons.

The British studio is taking the guns very seriously, working with experts to ensure historical and mechanical accuracy. They enlisted the services the Imperial War Museum and Royal Armouries Museum to get thousands of reference photos to use. These included weapons, vehicles and even down to scopes and magazines. Naturally, their sound teams also recorded plenty of sounds from real working versions of the guns too, ensuring what you’ll hear in game is spot on.

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Later on, the video also offers an insight into the game’s in-depth weapon customisation system. Hero Karl Fairburne will be able to find Workbenches in and around the game’s various maps. Some of these will be strategically located in key locations, others will be more hidden away. When you find these ones, they’ll unlock even more customisation options for your guns.

Essentially though, these workbenches will allow you to change your playstyle on the fly. Decided to change from a stealthy, methodical approach to a more explosive one? Here’s where you’ll go to switch out that silenced rifle for a machine gun & grenades and change things up. You can check out examples of this in the footage below.

Sniper Elite 5 and all its many weapons are set to arrive on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 26. The game will also be available from Day One via Xbox Game Pass.

Sniper Elite 5

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Sniper Elite 5

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26 May 2022