Sniper Elite 5 pulled from Epic Games Store

Sniper Elite 5 pulled from Epic Games Store
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Rebellion has said that Sniper Elite 5 is not on the Epic Games Store due to “circumstances beyond our control.”

Sniper Elite 5 was scheduled to be released on the Epic Games Store alongside other platforms. All the PlayStations and all the Xboxes got the game, and Steam got the game. However, pre-orders on the Epic Games Store were refunded.

Rebellion, the studio that develops and publishes Sniper Elite, has spoken about the situation. In a statement released to VGC, it said:

“Due to circumstances beyond our control Sniper Elite 5 was not available on the Epic Store at launch but will release on that platform in the future. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

The game is listed as “coming soon.” On the game’s support site, there is a message that reads:

“If you have pre-ordered through Epic, you should have received a refund—if not, please reach out to them here.”

The game is out now, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. It also launched on Xbox Game Pass.

The last Sniper Elite game that VideoGamer reviewed was Sniper Elite 4. Colm Ahern said:

“Looking down the scope and holding your breath to line up that perfect shot in Sniper Elite 4 is exhilarating, as are the subsequent Kill Cams. It’s just a shame that the poorly delivered story and wooden characters get in the way.”