Sniper Elite 4 gets its first story trailer

Sniper Elite 4 gets its first story trailer
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Sniper Elite 4 has its first story trailer, the start of a series of videos designed to set the scene for the shooter coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 14, 2017.

The game begins in 1943, explains Narrative Designer Colin Harvey.

“Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet in Casablanca to discuss the Allies’ next step. The Americans favour pushing across the Channel, through France, to attack Germany’s industrial areas. By contrast, Churchill argues an invasion of Italy will allow the Allies to attack the Nazis’ “soft underbelly” and take the pressure off the Red Army in the East. Churchill’s view prevails.

He continues: “Ahead of the planned invasion of Italy, the Allies have intelligence concerning Hitler’s latest wunderwaffe (wonder weapon) and dispatch Lieutenant Karl Fairburne to a secluded Italian island to investigate.

“Subsequent assignments take him from a beautiful coastal village on the Italian mainland to a vast, verdant forest region surrounding a viaduct. And of course, we’ve designed the game so you can take advantage of the spectacular scenery. Choose to climb up high for the perfect vantage point from which to snipe your adversaries, or look for a secret tunnel to enable your surprise attack, whatever it takes to complete your mission.”

Source: Rebellion