Seven Fortnite x Disney crossover skins we desperately want to happen

Seven Fortnite x Disney crossover skins we desperately want to happen
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As if Fortnite wasn’t already the biggest game on the planet, it’s gotten even bigger through an official partnership between Epic Games and Disney. The two juggernauts of their respective industries are coming together, and Disney has announced their intentions to bring their IPs to the more than 100 million active players part of Epic Games’ battle royale. MARVEL and Star Wars have already invaded the battlefield countless times before, so here are seven new dream Fortnite x Disney crossover skins that we desperately want to happen.

It’s been an incredible year so far for Epic Games and we’re only in February. The biggest collaboration ever between Fortnite and Disney was only just recently announced, and other exciting news to come out this year is that Fortnite is coming back to iOS devices. In addition, the game is continually getting bigger and better with every chapter, and the release date for Chapter 5 Season 2 is imminent.

The next season and eventual return to iOS devices are both great, but the partnership with Disney is most exciting. Epic Games’ battle royale already has a stacked library of brilliant crossover skins, but there are way more we want that no longer seem purely fanciful.

Toy Story Woody and Buzz
Image credit: Pixar

7.) Toy Story – Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story is the biggest animated movie franchise from Pixar. Woody and Buzz Lightyear are its two most beloved characters, so it only makes sense that we’d love to see them in Fortnite. After all, who wouldn’t want to play as toys from the golden age of cowboys to the marvel of astronauts traveling space?

Disney specifically mentions bringing Pixar ‘characters and stories’ to Epic Games’ battlefield, and there aren’t many IPs more obvious than Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear could fly about and shoot with his trusted red laser, meanwhile, Woody wouldn’t be any more out-of-place shooting people with Epic Games’ arsenal of weapons than superheroes such as Batman and Superman.

6.) Cars – Lightning McQueen

Rather than dreaming big like Toy Story, the inclusion of Lightning McQueen from Cars seems more logistical and obvious. Lightning McQueen was added to Rocket League only three months ago, so it seems likely that he will join Fortnite, also. You wouldn’t be able to use him in the battle royale, but a skin for the Rocket League racing mode seems a no-brainer.

Wreck It Ralph
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios

5.) Wreck It Ralph – Ralph

Although both companies are basically under the same umbrella, Wreck It Ralph is actually from Walt Disney studios rather than Pixar. It’s a great movie and it is more appropriate for Fortnite than the vast majority of Disney IPs we could gush about. Sure, seeing Goofy yuck it up while shooting players in the head is dream meme material, but Ralph from the aptly named Wreck It Ralph is actually a video game character from a movie based on video games.

In addition, Wreck It Ralph has actually appeared in Fortnite before. He has never been a skin, but he appeared in the game in 2018 as a very brief cameo on the cinema screen.

4.) Frozen – Elsa

Okay, this is more of a fantasy that has been mentioned by several players reacting to the Fortnite x Disney news on Reddit. Rather than a desperate clamoring to play as Elsa from Frozen because of the magnificence of her character and movies, the want to play as her is instead purely based on wanting memes.

While the lust for memes is obvious, Elsa could actually be a wicked character to include. At the very least she’s better than 99% of other Disney princesses as she actually has powers. She’s previously been in Kingdom Hearts, albeit not as a companion, and we could theoretically see her waging war on the battlefield shooting ice from her fingertips while also blasting heads with a shotgun.

PotC Jack Sparrow in Kingdom Hearts 3
Image credits: Disney and Square Enix

3.) Pirates of the Caribbean – Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones

We previously reported on rumors suggesting a Pirates of the Caribbean crossover is coming to Fortnite. Disney’s recently announced partnership with Epic Games doesn’t confirm it is happening, but it now seems more likely and possible. The biggest obstacle for fans is Johnny Depp, but this shouldn’t be an issue as Jack Sparrow and thus Johnny Depp’s likeness was used in Kingdom Hearts 3 as well as Sea of Thieves.

A Pirates of the Caribbean crossover would be magnificent. It’s still one of the biggest box office trilogies of all time, and Jack Sparrow is one of Disney’s best-ever characters. Davey Jones is also one of the best and most creatively designed movie villains with his luscious beard of slimy and coiling tentacles. In addition to Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones, Epic Games could toss in the legendary Captain Barbosa, as well as Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner if they must.

Kingdom Hearts Sora
Image credit: Square Enix

2.) Kingdom Hearts – Sora

Kingdom Hearts is the bizarre marriage between Disney and Square Enix that still somehow works. The series’ fourth mainline installment is currently in development, and we would love to see Sora join Epic Games’ battle royale. Getting him to join Super Smash Bros. was an incredibly long and painful journey of want for fans, but joining Fortnite should be much easier for Disney, Square Enix, and Epic Games to pull off behind the scenes.

Similar to Wreck It Ralph, Sora’s inclusion would make lots of sense. Although Fortnite isn’t a Disney or Pixar property, the recurring premise of Kingdom Hearts is Sora visiting different and weird worlds. And Fortnite could just be one of these worlds Sora stumbles into. He could have a keyblade as a weapon, and there’s the potential for countless skin variants and outfits.

1.) Mickey Mouse

Of course, number one is Mickey Mouse. It couldn’t be anyone else as he is still regarded as the face and mascot of Disney by the general public. The Mickey Mouse copyright expires this year, and this has resulted in announced horror movies and games starring the iconic cartoon figure. Not only is seeing him as the antagonist in horror movies and games simply wonderful, but we would also love to see him shooting up enemies in Epic Games’ BR.

And that’s it for our list. None of these collaborations are confirmed to be happening, and the only one rumored so far is Pirates of the Caribbean. While the partnership between Disney and Epic is exciting, here’s hoping it doesn’t come at the cost of other collaborations as that’s the magic of Fortnite.