Sea of Thieves marks the launch of its Shrouded Islands Adventure with new trailer

Sea of Thieves marks the launch of its Shrouded Islands Adventure with new trailer
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Rare has dropped Shrouded Islands, the first of its new time-limited Adventure stories for Sea of Thieves.

As revealed last month, Adventures are story-based missions that’ll be released on a regular basis in the pirate sandbox. To set the scene, Phantom Pirates have been spotted running around the Sea of the Damned. That’s the place pirates usually find themselves when ‘killed’ in the game before they respawn. The events of Pirates of the Caribbean expansion A Pirate’s Life revealed that there’s a whole realm there, and now various groups and factions across the Sea of Thieves are trying to harness this power.

One of these factions is led by the world’s regular villain Captain Flameheart. Previously, he’d make his appearance in the sky and send phantom ships and undead pirates after your ships. However, his attacks have now mysteriously gone quiet and to make matters worse, a mysterious fog has crept over the Golden Sands Outpost and caused its inhabitants to flee.

It’ll be up to you and your chosen band of merry sailors to investigate. You’ll want to visit Larinna near the tavern to kick off the story and set out on your new adventure. Expect battles, mysteries to solve and intrigue as you embark upon your quest and uncover the truth behind the mysterious goings on and set about a course that could change the Sea of Thieves forever.

The Shrouded Islands Adventure runs from now in Sea of Thieves until March 3. You can check out a gameplay trailer for the new Adventure down below.