Sea of Thieves will get new story-based monthly Adventures, Mysteries and more in 2022

Sea of Thieves will get new story-based monthly Adventures, Mysteries and more in 2022
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Rare is massively expanding the story side of pirate sandbox game Sea of Thieves in 2022.

The developer revealed its plans during its promised 2022 preview event last night. A major part will be the introduction of new story-based Adventures to be released throughout the year. These will be chained missions, complete with a narrative that will overarch across the entire year.

The first of these new adventures is called Shrouded Islands. The Golden Sands has been abandoned and taken over by a mysterious mist. Naturally, it’ll be up to you and your crew to investigate what’s happened. You’ll encounter new phantom foes and the return of old friends, like the Soul Flame Captains and the mysterious Belle.

Shrouded Islands kicks off on February 17, and run until March 3. Going forward, these Adventures will roll out on a monthly basis, and run for about 2-3 weeks. Running alongside them will be Mysteries. These will remain in the world for longer, and include riddles both inside and outside the game. The first of these, we’re teased, will see players solving a murder.

Seasons will also continue in Sea of Thieves in 2022. Season Six is currently set to arrive in March with new explorable locations called Sea Forts. There’s also set to be new content for Pirate Legends in the latter half of Season Six, including an exclusive voyage.

To help develop this new content, however, Rare has said it’s made the difficult decision to close Arena mode. “With the scope of Sea of Thieves growing larger and larger, the huge task of maintaining QA and bug fixes for both Adventure and Arena modes has become something we can no longer justify.”

Check out the Sea of Thieves roadmap for 2022 along with both preview event videos down below.