Sea of Thieves is ‘never’ going to have loot crates

Sea of Thieves is ‘never’ going to have loot crates
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The developer behind Pirate booty simulator Sea of Thieves has confirmed that the game will never employ loot crates. 

Speaking with PC Gamer, the game’s design director, Mike Chapman, did reveal however that microtransactions will ‘probably’ be added to Sea of Thieves at some point down the line, though they won’t be there for launch day.

‘What I will confirm is there are no microtransactions for launch. At all,’ said Chapman. ‘Based on us continuing to build this game, we’ll probably consider some form of microtransaction. What we will say is there will never be loot crates in Sea of Thieves.’

He added that Sea of Thieves will ‘never’ have any form of gambling, stating that pay-to-win shenanigans are ‘out of the question.’ Chapman also teased that Rare will do something ‘new’ and ‘interesting’ in regards to microtransactions, although didn’t reveal any additional details.

Sea of Thieves is pencilled in for a March 20 release on PC and Xbox One. A recent data mine has indicated the game will introduce a wealth of new enemies and other features in the final game, including the legendary Kraken.

The game recently finished its closed beta period with more than 333,000 players taking to the high seas.