The Sea of Thieves closed beta hasn't gone as swimmingly as Rare had perhaps hoped, but that hasn't stopped data miners from having a nose around in the code and coming up with a slew of unannounced goodies. 

Chiefly, it looks like Sea of Thieves will feature an appearance at some point by the Kraken, the mythical, ship-sinking behemoth from Scandinavian legend. From the look of things it appears the beast will be able to wrap its tentacles around your ship, and will be joined by other foes such as Mermaids and Skellies. 

Other highlights include new weapons such as the Blunderbuss, Heavy Sword, and Sniper Rifle, plus an assortment of new NPCs including Blind Bob, Ghost Captain, Pirate Lord, and Weapon Dealer. 

If that wasn't enough, it seems Rare is also planning on introducing new chests, creatures, and landmark locations. You can see the full lineup from the data mine on Reddit, although note that this is by no means confirmation that any of this stuff will actually appear in the final version of the game.

Sea of Thieves is due out on PC and Xbox One on March 20. 

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