Microsoft has polished off some juicy stats for the recent Sea of Thieves closed beta, confirming a not-too-shabby 332,052 players took part in the swashbuckling simulator teaser. It's certainly a good start for the Big M, considering this is one of its major exclusives for this year.

Budding pirates spent around 2,000,000 hours sailing the seas during the beta, which also proved a big hit on Twitch and Mixer, reaching the top spot in terms of live viewers. In total, it notched up 14,482,120 hours worth of viewing, averaging around 104,240 viewers. 

The closed beta didn't go quite as smoothly as Rare had perhaps hoped, however, with the studio having to extended the taster by two days due to issues preventing gamers from joining. 

Sea of Thieves will set sail on PC and Xbox One on March 20. A recent data mine for the bootylicious adventurer has seemingly confirmed that it will include the Kraken and other legendary sea beasts.  

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