Scorn has new gameplay trailer and a release date, on Game Pass

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Scorn, the upcoming H.R. Giger-inspired survival game, has a new gameplay trailer and a release date: October 21st, on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Check out the new trailer below:

The description reads:

“Explore a mesmerizing labyrinth this Halloween! Scorn will release on 21st October 2021. You awaken in the middle of a desolate and decayed hellscape; a once industrious civilization now lay in ruin. Surrounded by nightmarish, biomechanical contraptions, you must explore your environment to progress.”

If you have a thing for the work of H.R. Giger, with his bio-mechanical beasties, then this could be the game for you. It looks quite, quite disgusting. But not many videogames have devoted themselves to Giger’s aesthetic so entirely. The game first appeared back in 2016, and it began life on Kickstarter. It was originally supposed to launch in 2017, and has since been a slight development limbo.

The game sprang up during last night’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, along with a number of other things. We got a longer look at Starfield in action. Hideo Kojima turned up and said hello to Phil Spencer, before announcing his intention to bring something new to Xbox. And we got a good look at Redfall, which is coming out next year.

Scorn is launching on October 21st, on Xbox Series X/S and PC. And it will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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