RTX 4080 pre order US / UK

RTX 4080 pre order US / UK
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The launch date is not far, at the time of writing it’s just shy of two weeks to go until pre orders for the RTX 4080 are shipped.

As we saw with the release of the RTX 4090, stock levels for the GPU might not be enough for everyone to get one. One of the best ways to guarantee you get stock is via pre order, and though pre orders haven’t technically begun we’re going to show you where we think you’ll have the best chances of grabbing one this year.

We expect pre orders to be filled quickly, and usually they only go live a few days before the actual release date, so if you miss out on a pre order have a look where to buy the RTX 4080.

Where to pre order the RTX 4080 from?

Though pre orders haven’t gone live yet, we saw pre orders available on Amazon and Best Buy (which covers the US and Canada), and in the UK from Overclockers, Ebuyer, and Scan.

Alongside trying to pre order online, several tech retailers in the UK will have pre orders available for the RTX 4080. Currys is an example of a popular high street retailer that might stock the RTX 4080.

Have a look below at where we think the best places to pre order the RTX 4080 are.

RTX 4080 pre order US

The RTX 4080 was launched on these retailer sites in the US amongst other. As has always been the case, retailers are going to be attempting to offload as much stock as they can in order to capitalise on the rush to grab the best popular graphics card for gaming.

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Best Buy


RTX 4080 pre order UK

In the UK we’ll likely see these retailers offering up pre orders for the RTX 4080.







When do pre orders for the RTX 4080 begin?

We don’t know for certain when gamers will first be able to pre order the RTX 4080, though we can make assumptions based on the launch of the RTX 4090, which was released at these times:
2 PM BST/ 3 PM CEST/ 6:30 PM IST/ 9 AM EDT/ 8 AM CDT/ 6 AM PDT.

We expect to see the 4080 pre orders begin before this time, perhaps a day or two before, or even a few hours before.

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How to pre order an RTX 4080

We think the best way to pre order an RTX 4080 is to stay up to date with the retailers selling the card. We recommend looking at our where to buy page to stay up to date, though this page will have the best information on pre orders for the RTX 4080.

Once you have a retailer in mind, follow the link and find the specific card that you’re interested in.

If you miss out on a pre order don’t worry, most retailers have an option to notify you when stock is back, and you can try and buy one after release instead.

RTX 4080 pre order FAQs

Can I pre order an RTX 4090?

Yes you should be able to pre order an RTX 4080 shortly before and after launch. When stocks inevitable run dry, you’ll be able to pre order in the hopes of guaranteeing yourself an RTX 4080 after launch.

How much is a pre order RTX 4080?

It will likely cost you nearly $1,119 in the US and £1,269 in the UK to pre order.