Red Dead Redemption remaster could reportedly be announced as early as August

Red Dead Redemption remaster could reportedly be announced as early as August
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Rumors surrounding the release of the Red Dead Redemption remaster are steadily starting to pick up steam as additional confirmation has now surfaced thanks to Last Stand Media owner and former IGN Senior Editor Colin Moriarty.

Based on one of the recent Sacred Symbols podcast episodes, Moriarty revealed that he “has seen confirmation that this is real.” “I had someone reach out to me behind the scenes that showed me something that definitively shows that this game’s coming – maybe even imminently with an announcement maybe in August,” he continued.

After initially being teased by the South Korean Gaming Committee’s newly published rating for Red Dead Redemption, these statements from a reliable industry insider makes it seem as if the long-awaited remaster’s announcement is set to take place sooner rather than later. But it’s important to keep in mind that since this hasn’t actually been confirmed by Rockstar Games yet, you’ll have to take this information with a grain of salt as their plans might still end up changing at some point in the near future.

It is worth noting, though, that there were initially rumors of a Red Dead Redemption remaster launch back in the beginning of 2022, which reportedly ended up being scrapped due to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’s poor reception. With this in mind, the added time the developers gave themselves may have finally allowed them to create a polished project that’ll prevent a recreation of The Trilogy’s disastrous release.

Needless to say, a rumored remake of one of the most critically acclaimed games in history naturally has everyone excited for its reported announcement. With the details yet to be official confirmed, however, you’ll just have to remain patient for now until Rockstar Games decides to provide more details themselves.