Is GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on Steam Deck?

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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, a collection of some of the most popular titles from Rockstar Games, was widely criticized during its initial release. Its availability on multiple platforms also did nothing to win the favor of both casual and professional players alike.

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However, there is one popular console that still hasn’t been graced with the divisive presence of this notorious collection. For this reason, players are now asking if the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is on the Steam Deck. Here’s what we know.

Can you play GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition on Steam Deck?

Yes, you can now purchase and play the trilogy on the Steam Deck according to an announcement from Rockstar Games. For those looking to play it on Valve’s powerful handheld console, it’s currently available as part of Steam’s Rockstar Games Publisher Sale so now would the best time to pick it up.

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Although it had initially been made purchasable for Windows systems during its initial release date in 2021, it could only originally be bought through the Rockstar Games Launcher. Now that it’s available on Valve’s widely popular platform, it will surely be able to reach a wider audience.

Hopefully, the issues that plagued the games at launch are now a thing of the past. Based on recent community reactions, however, it seems that these glitches still persist even to this day. Luckily, the impending arrival of GTA VI may soon make the community forget about this significant blunder. Without a specific date, however, it may still be a long time before players can move past this less-than-ideal tribute.

The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is currently up for sale on the Steam platform for $29.99, which is well-below its regular price of $59.99. Many other popular titles, such as Red Dead Redemption and Bully, are also available.

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