Diablo 4 players unanimously agree on the game’s most annoying enemy

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Diablo 4 is filled with a deadly palette of dangerous demons and threatening foes that can ruin your Hardcore run if you’re not careful. However, fans of Blizzard’s fourth main line ARPG installment unanimously agree that one annoying enemy stands out amongst the sea of deadly mutated creatures in Sanctuary: the frustratingly powerful Skeleton Corpse Bow.

This inhuman weapon of massive calcified destruction appears wherever you can find skeletons popping out of the ground, like in desolate cemeteries, winding Nightmare Dungeons, and random fields littered with corpses, meaning you’ll almost always see them at an inopportune time. It also doesn’t help that these undead adversaries materialize with a horde of bony, sword-and-shield wielding combatants to protect them, so you’ll have to work even harder to take them down.

With the list of names taken by the Skeleton Corpse Bow growing larger by the second, one disgruntled Diablo 4 player named CapSortee has taken it upon themselves to ask the developers for a nerf to this annoying enemy. Based on the brief, but concise Reddit post they created, CapSortee simply said that the foe they called the “bone [crossbowman] turret” deserves to have its power weakened because of the unfair damage that it can deal in one hit.

A majority of the comments made below the thread largely agreed with this idea as one user noted that they “deserve to die by at least 2 shots, not 1 from behind the door.” Another responder jokingly asked the post creator, “What? You don’t like getting one shot by an offscreen corpse bow?,” after which many other players remarked that the Skeleton Corpse Bow’s tendency to appear out of sight is just as infuriating as its damage-dealing prowess.

Unfortunately, with the Diablo 4 Season 1 start date steadily approaching, nerfing this annoying enemy may not be too high up on the developers’ agenda. However, Blizzard has often been receptive to the complaints and suggestions of their fan base so it may only be a matter of time until we see a change to the Skeleton Corpse Bow’s damage.

While you wait for the update to arrive, though, we recommend checking out our guides on the best Barbarian build and best Rogue build in the meantime so you can demolish these horrifying skeletal creations quickly.

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