Red Dead Redemption remake rumours have fans losing their minds

Red Dead Redemption remake rumours have fans losing their minds
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Whispers of a potential remake or remaster of Rockstar’s classic cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption have intensified, following the sighting of some official website updates made by the developer over the past few hours.

The updates, highlighted by regular Rockstar news Twitter account Tez2, included a new logo being added to developer Rockstar’s website for the game, with some new references to the game with a new Rockstar Games Presents: Red Dead Redemption subtitle. In addition, Tez also noted that the game had been added to the developer’s current site Ratings list and had added PS3, Xbox 360 and Switch as Platform buttons. While this is far from a confirmation that such a remake or remaster is happening (or indeed, the platforms it’s on) – it does seem to allude some sort of website update is imminent, which has sent speculation into overdrive given internet whispers over the last few weeks.

At the forefront of those hyped are of course members of the Red Dead Redemption subreddit, who’ve been responding to the leaks in an expectedly calm and collected manner. “Oh my god, okay it’s happening. Everybody stay calm” says Detraxer, quoting the oft-cited The Office meme. “I need a release date right now!” adds QBekka, while Spaniardman40 also responds with “I’m not believing s*** until I see a fxxxxxx trailer. Please, I can’t take more heartbreak.”

However, some fans are wary of a remaster of one of Rockstar’s most beloved games after being burned by 2021’s poorly-received remasters of the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Definitive Edition. “To everyone getting super excited, I’m glad you’re happy,” begins TheKrakenMoves “But remember the GTA remasters. Measure yourselves, if you’re not going to be okay with a buggy/broken game don’t preorder.” A similar sentiment is shared by grindscoffeebyhand who adds “I would not pre-order by any means given rockstars track record with re-masters.”

Many are hopeful that won’t be the case here, and are saying that their ideal scenario would be the original Red Dead Redemption in the RDR2 engine. But until Rockstar officially announce a Red Dead Redemption remaster or rework is in the works, for now we’ll have to take these rumours with a pinch of salt. We’d certainly be up for one more ride with John Marston though – let’s hope Rockstar feel the same way.

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