Red Dead Redemption PC version remains a dream for disappointed community

Red Dead Redemption PC version remains a dream for disappointed community
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The recent announcement of a Red Dead Redemption PS4 and Nintendo Switch port has disappointed a large portion of the player base as the long-awaited PC version of the widely celebrated Wild West-based installment from Rockstar Games is still nowhere to be found.

With the first entry having initially been released in 2010 for the PS3, many within the community had been expecting a Windows-compatible version to be made available after many of the previous remake rumors had caused fans to lose their minds. Alas, it’s safe to say the result hasn’t lived up to the hype as fans got neither a remake nor a remaster for the PC. Instead, what’s being provided has missed the mark entirely as the game that’s set to be released next week will only be a previous generation console port.

Over on Reddit, numerous players have already shared negative reactions to the Red Dead Redemption port as evidenced by the scathing comments under the announcement post. Most of the responses visibly displayed their lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming launch as one Redditor said: “Only new Rockstar manages to release something inferior to what we already have (on Xbox), charge it 10 bucks more, and cut off the amazing multiplayer experience.” “This company’s reputation has gone down the drain,” they finished.

Some fans, on the other hand, are simply frustrated that a PC port still hasn’t been made as one responder noted: “It’s a port and they still left out PC players. Fxxxxxx amazing. I’m starting to think Rockstar really hates us. I wouldn’t be surprised if Midnight Club LA or maybe GTA IV got the same ‘conversion’ treatment for the PS4/Switch. Easy cash grab for Take-Two.” Unfortunately, with the port yet to be released, it may not be a while until we see the long-awaited PC version launched any time soon.

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