Rainbow Six Siege brand director Alexandre Remy has revealed that the tactical shooter won't come to Nintendo Switch due to various technical limitations.

Speaking during an interview with Metro GameCentral, Remy noted that some of the game's key elements, including a stable 60fps and environmental destruction, would be problematic on Ninty's hybrid platform.

'[It’s] not possible with the technical constraint and especially the frame rate of the game; 60 frames per second plus destruction is a bit CPU heavy and Switch is not yet the Nintendo console where it’ll be.'

‘But overall it’s true Rainbow Six is very much a game where we just want to expand the player base, because the more player’s we do have the better the whole game and services. So if at one point that is a possibility that we have new platforms or new hardware, we’ll likely get there.'

Remy's comments arrive not long after it was confirmed that Ubisoft had canned the planned Switch version of Steep.

Rainbow Six Siege was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in December 2015, and despite a slow start, has maintained a strong fanbase thanks to a steady stream of updates.

In fact, Ubisoft has revealed that it won't make Rainbow Six Siege 2 as it is instead planning on supporting the original product for many years to come.

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