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Project 007 – everything we know so far about IO Interactive’s James Bond game

Project 007 – everything we know so far about IO Interactive’s James Bond game
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Fans waiting for Hitman developer IO Interactive’s Project 007 could be waiting a while before they get to see their first glimpse of the James Bond game.

In the Swedish developer’s latest annual report (spotted by GamesRadar) the team’s management gave a brief update on the studio’s outlook for the next few years.

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“There is a risk the next couple of calendar years, the EBITDA and profits will drop,” it said. “This is due to long production phases ahead, before the next releases hit the market. More precisely, fiscal 24 and 25 estimates show a significant decrease.”

Project 007 – predicted release window and more

If we take these statements as they appear, it implies that IO Interactive doesn’t plan to release any new games until the fiscal year 24/25.

As far as we’re currently aware, the studio doesn’t have any other new games in production. (It is currently, however, still focused on ongoing Hitman 3 post-launch support.)

If that’s the case then, we probably shouldn’t expect Project 007 until mid-to-late 2025. It’s probably not the news James Bond fans wanted to hear. (But then they also wouldn’t want a rushed game either, of course.)

Project 007 – what we know so far; plot details and more

Project 007 isn’t actually necessarily the James Bond game’s final name. The project was originally announced back in November of 2020 with the moniker as a working title.

It won’t, as it currently stands, follow the plot of any of the existing movies or books. Rather, we were told on the announcement, it’ll be a “wholly original” origin story for the super-spy.

In fact, the press release claimed it’ll be “the very first James Bond origin story.” Furthermore, it has the full backing of MGM, Eon Productions and Delphi to boot.

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Currently, the movie series is in a transitional period. Daniel Craig has hung up his jacket, and Eon Productions are actively searching for his replacement.

Whether the new actor will lend their likeness to their game counterpart, or whether the new movie will tie into the game – is currently unknown.

However, IO Interactive director Hakan Abrak previously said back in January of 2021 that the new game did not intend to “lean” on an existing actor at all.

Perhaps more excitingly though, Abrak did say that he could “easily imagine a trilogy could come out of it.” So if Project 007 is successful, the possibility of a further two titles should give Bond fans plenty to get shaken (and not stirred) up with excitement.

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