Is Hitman World of Assassination on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Hitman World of Assassination on Xbox Game Pass?
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Hitman World of Assassination, the rebranded title of what was formerly Hitman 3, gives players access to three of the most popular stealth assassination titles ever released.

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The initial announcement of IO Interactive’s comprehensive collection naturally delighted fans of the well-known trilogy, especially with it being released on multiple platforms. But with the bundle now available on the usual systems, some players are now curious about its availability on Xbox Game Pass.

Here’s all that we know about its inclusion in Microsoft’s video game subscription service.

Can you play Hitman World of Assassination on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Hitman World of Assassination is available on Xbox Game Pass. This means that those subscribed to Microsoft’s service should be able to play the entire collection. The recent v3.140 patch containing the new freelancer mode should similarly be accessible. Keep in mind, though, that you may need to download it first.

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Hitman Freelancer brings in an all-new way of playing the stealth assassination title with rogue-like elements, strategic planning, and a customizable safehouse being introduced. A variety of specific bug fixes were similarly conducted in order to make the overall player experience smoother.

Numerous changes have also been made to the game’s UI and missions, which means there’ll be plenty of content to explore for both new and old players. Based on IO Interactive’s recent additions, they will most likely continue to build on their collection’s solid foundation with more unique content in the future.

Those that aren’t subscribed to Game Pass will obviously still have to purchase the collection itself. But with Hitman World of Assassination now available on almost all platforms, newcomers to the series should be able to find an option that suits their preference.

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