Hitman 3 renamed as Hitman: World of Assassination, combines Trilogy into one Collection

Hitman 3 renamed as Hitman: World of Assassination, combines Trilogy into one Collection
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Hitman 3, the popular stealth title from IO Interactive, will soon be changed to Hitman World of Assassination according to a blog post from the developers.

Based on the official announcement, the rebranding will not only feature an update to the third entry’s name but will also include the previous two installments as part of the package. This means that potential players will only need to purchase the collection in order to play through the entire assassination trilogy.

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Those who have already bought Hitman 3 on any platform will automatically get a free upgrade as well. With these changes, all users will essentially be able to own the same base content for the entire series.

What is included in Hitman World of Assassination?

IO Interactive will be “streamlining the many offerings currently on the stores down to two products.” The first option, which is approximately $70 or your local equivalent, will simply be called Hitman World of Assassination. This package will include Hitman 3, Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass, and Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass.

On the other hand, the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack will be purchasable for $30 and will contain the following: H3 Deluxe Pack, H3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection, and H2 Expansion Access Pass.

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Additionally, those who have purchased individual DLC’s on Steam or the in-game store will only need to pay an even split for the content that they don’t own. This means that existing players won’t need to buy the entire deluxe pack to complete the series.

With the consolidation of these three titles into one package, both Hitman 1 and 2 will no longer be available for sale. However, the developers note that those who already have these entries will still be able to access them normally in the future.

These will be the only two options available for players to purchase once both collections are fully released on January 26, 2023.