Nintendo still hasn't said much at all about its new Pokemon game for the Switch, but a bunch of rumours doing the rounds have suggested it'll revolve around electric-powered-mouse-thing Pikachu and the feline-like Eevee.

Apparently, there will be two version of the upcoming role-playing game: Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu and Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee. More fuel to the fire was added yesterday after a drawing of a logo for the project hit the web.

Another main point to rear its head is the setting of the new Pokemon game, which will supposedly take place in Kanto, the location of the original games. Apparently, the whole Let's Go portion title is due to the fact the Big N wants a continuation of the brand that started with 2016's Pokemon Go.

It's perhaps not surprising then, that leaks are indicating that the gameplay style of Go will be incorporated into the new Switch title, and may even feature some sort of connection between both titles.

These reports also seem to align nicely with a supposed leaked image that appeared earlier this year. It seems to show the player character hitching a ride on the back of a Lapras, with fans suggesting the area resembles a revamped Route 21 in Kanto. 

Eevee can also be seen riding on the character's shoulder outside its Pokeball. Have a look for yourself:

So, when are we going to actually see the game? According to hit-and-miss Nintendo insider, Emily Rogers, an announcement may drop as soon as this month. Obviously, none of this info has been verified yet, so we'll just have to wait it out until Ninty drops an official reveal. 

Pokemon on Switch has yet to attract a release date.

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