PlayStation State of Play May 2024 start time with exciting leaks and rumors

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It is actually happening. There were heavy rumors of a PlayStation Showcase this month, but, when it seemed as though nothing would be occurring, Sony went ahead and announced a State of Play. Here you will find the PlayStation State of Play May 2024 start time along with exciting potential leaks and rumors, plus how to watch the event live.

Sony has provided a thrilling end to the month for PlayStation gamers. More games are joining PS Plus before the end of May, including an indie masterpiece with a horror-esque twist, and we’ve also got some PS2 classics confirmed for PS Plus in June, including arguably the best ever Tomb Raider. In addition, although not provided by Sony, we have a Silent Hill Transmission event happening to provide more details on the SH2 remake coming exclusively to PS5.

The Silent Hill Transmission is a separate event that will take place immediately after Sony’s broadcast. The start time for the PlayStation State of Play May 2024 is almost over, and we could be in for a thrilling event assuming leaks and rumors are true.

When does the PlayStation State of Play May 2024 start?

The start date and time for the PlayStation State of Play event this month is 3PM PT/ 6PM ET/ 11PM BST on May 30th. All of these launch hours were confirmed by Sony in their blog post announcement.

Sony says the event will last 30+ minutes and feature 14 titles including for the PS5 and PSVR2. These titles will include games from PlayStation Studios set to arrive later this year.

PlayStation State of Play May 2024 start time US

  • 3PM PT on Thursday, May 30th
  • 6 PM ET on Thursday, May 30th

PlayStation State of Play May 2024 start time UK

  • 11PM BST on Thursday, May 30th


Below is a countdown to when the event will begin:

How to watch

You will be able to watch Sony’s broadcast live on the PlayStation YouTube channel. It will also be possible to watch it live on Twitch and TikTok.

Again, it will last 30+ minutes, but it’s not only the event for PS5 players to watch. As announced by Konami, there is a Silent Hill Transmission event taking place at 4PM PT and 7PM ET on May 30th, which translates to 12AM BST on May 31st for UK residents.

The Silent Hill Transmission will be watchable on the Silent Hill YouTube channel. It will provide another look at Silent Hill 2 with, hopefully, a release date. However, there will also be an update on other upcoming games in the SH universe along with an update on a new movie as well as merchandise.

PlayStation State of Play May 2024 rumors and leaks

Although it was previously believed to be a PlayStation Showcase, all rumors and leaks could still apply to the upcoming State of Play for May 2024. Some of these leaks could potentially be held off for Summer Game Fest, but there’s the probability they happen tonight.

We know that we are getting a look at 14 games including titles from PlayStation Studios set to arrive later this year. According to reliable leaker Billbil_kun via dealabs, we are set to get a reveal of first ever gameplay for Sony’s new multiplayer game, Concord. Not much is known about Concord, but it’s a sci-fi FPS PvP multiplayer game that Billbil_kun has likened to the lore of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a multiplayer project that fans of Helldivers 2 should keep an eye on.

In addition to Concord, there’s also the possibility we get a reveal trailer for a new LEGO game called Horizon Adventures. According to reliable leaker, Tom Henderson, from Insider Gaming, the reveal trailer is apparently done, and, as the name suggests, it is a fully fledged LEGO game set in the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West.

Sony has been massively profiting off PC lately with Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima, and there are heavy rumors that God of War Ragnarok is coming to Steam. This rumor again stems from reliable leaker Billbil_kun who suspected that an announcement will happen this month, so it could occur at State of Play.

Finally, there are also rumors that a new Astro Bot game for PS5 will be revealed soon. The logical place for this to happen would be at Sony’s event tonight, and the reveal of a new Astro Bot would be fantastic as the free demo included with every PS5 is still one of the best current-gen experiences.

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