A third Black Ops 6 teaser goes live as Call of Duty over shadows XDefiant’s launch

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After many months of rumors and speculations, the first teasers for the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops 6, which is said to be named ‘Gulf War,’ have begun to be posted online. This comes just a day after Ubisoft released its new Call of Duty competitor, XDefiant.

So far, Activision has released three teasers for Black Ops 6 via a mysterious website called The Truth Lies, which is periodically playing the teasers on an old TV. You can watch the third teaser below as first spotted by Charlie Intel.

The first teaser saw two activists place blindfolds on the four Presidents on Mount Rushmore which read ‘The Truth Lies,’ and the second saw the group put up posters around the city. Now, this third teaser sees iconic statues and monuments across the world.

With three more teasers to go, the gaming community is anxiously waiting to see where the story goes next and how it will play into Black Ops 6, which is expected to be revealed before the end of May. Following the eventual reveal, players can expect various Alphas and Betas which will allow gamers to play the game before its rumored launch on October 25th.

Black Ops 6 marks the first entry in the series to be released following the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, which will see the game launch on day one on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service, although, with so much money left on the table, we could see a price increase for Game Pass going forward.

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