Play the new season of Apex Legends in high settings with this mid-range 144Hz laptop

Play the new season of Apex Legends in high settings with this mid-range 144Hz laptop
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In anticipation of Season 18 of Apex Legends, we’re recommending a laptop for any PC users who want to shoot their ballistics and fire their lasers in high settings at 1080p.

With a refresh of storyline and new content for Season 18, fans are eager to get stuck into Apex Legends. We’ve been teased for months, and are expecting a variety of updates that will change up the gameplay. There may not be any new weapons this time, but there are plenty of other additions to the game to get excited about.

Our personal recommendation for Apex Legends is the affordable HP Victus 16, sporting an RTX 3060 graphics card and an Intel Core i5-12500H processor. Just over a grand, the HP Victus 16 delivers a steady FPS at high game settings in 1080p. Expect a battery life of up to 10 hours depending on your usage, always with the option to boost it with the best laptop battery packs of course. Its 16.1-in display is optimal for a game like Apex Legends, giving generous space to monitor your surroundings and keep track of your health.

HP Victus Gaming Laptop (RTX 3060)

HP Victus 16 laptop

Display Size



1920 x 1080




RTX 3060


Intel Core i5-12500H

Refresh Rate


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A popular pick for mainstream gaming

The combination of a 16.1 inch display and 144Hz refresh rate makes this laptop an immersive and tear-free choice for a game like Apex Legends. It’s also got a SIM card slot which is ideal for gaming on-the-go.

This kind of laptop is ideal for casual gaming, featuring a 16:10 display which strikes a nice balance with its 16.1 inch display. Compared to HP’s OMEN range, the HP Victus has proved time and time again as the best value option. You’ll also find its 1TB of storage is pretty generous for the price. This laptop easily ticks the boxes for the best gaming laptops under $1000, though players on a tighter budget can go a step lower with the best budget gaming laptops.

Frequently asked questions

Can you play Apex Legends on a laptop?

Apex Legends is great to play on a laptop so long as you have consistently high frame rates. A laptop with over 8GB RAM will help massively to achieve this. It’s also worth checking whether your laptop has as Game Mode to get the most out of its performance.