New Intel Meteor Lake benchmarks show the power of Arc integrated graphics

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New benchmarks have revealed just how much more powerful Intel Meteor Lake’s integrated graphics are compared to previous processors.

The best CPUs for gaming are continuing to evolve their integrated performance, and Intel Meteor Lake through Arc graphics seems to be a staggering step forward. The recent benchmarks posted on Phoronix compares the new Intel Core Ultra 7 155H to older models including Alder Lake, Tiger Lake, and more pre-LGA 1700 processors.  The new benchmarks illustrate how big of an upgrade the Meteor Lake is. 

On average, the Core Ultra 7 had a shockingly low power consumption, even at full performance. Compared during GravityMark, Phoronix reports a peak of 37.1 Watts, whereas the Core i7 1280p was found to have a peak of nearly double that, at 66w. When compared during 3DMark Wild Life Experiment the Ultra 7 peaked at around 33 watts, with the i7 1280p yet again peaking at nearly twice as much, 55w. Making it far more power efficient than its precursor.

In terms of graphical prowess, the Meteor Lakes’ Intel Arc Graphics ran 33% faster than the Alder Lake, as summarized by Tom’s Hardware; the integrated Arc Graphics of the Ultra 7 have impressively surpassed even the later generations, with a whopping 6.9x the frames per second between the older Gen 9 CPU and the upcoming Ultra.

From those statistics alone, it’s clear to see that the Meteor Lake is a huge step up from past generations of Intel Cores. With graphics 5.27x the performance of the Whiskey Lake chip (Gen 9) and the power consumption of the Ultra 7 comparatively better across all benchmarks. Phoronix’s only caveat is that you have to be running on an up-to-date Linux distribution, 6.6 or higher, which may mean upgrading for some.

But it seems worth it, with the generations compared across those benchmarks, the Ultra 7 is an obvious upgrade from even the more recent hybrid architecture processors. If this is an indication of what we can expect from Windows performance, then Meteor Lake looks to seriously deliver. 

Will Meteor Lake use a new socket?

Yes, Intel Meteor Lake will use a new socket as the previous LGA 1700 is no longer supported. It’s rumored that the upcoming CPU generation will utilize LGA 1851.

Is Meteor Lake just for laptops?

Meteor Lake was first launched last month inside of laptops with Ultra mobile processors found in the likes of ultrabooks and productivity machines. It appears that the chipset will be found in all-in-one desktops coming later in the year as PCWorld reports.

Image Credit: Intel

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