Parents now hiring Fortnite tutors for their kids

Parents now hiring Fortnite tutors for their kids
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Just when you thought the whole Fortnite craze couldn't get any more extreme, it's now been revealed by The Wall Street Journal that parents are hiring tutors for their kids to teach them how to play the battle royale juggernaut.

The publication has actually interviewed numerous individuals who are hiring Fortnite tutors for their children, offering insight as to why this is actually a thing. 

Apparently, some parents simply don't want their kids to lose at Fortnite, while others are actually getting tutored in all things battle royale themselves to avoid being crap and the embarrassment that inevitably follows.

Other parents are teaming up with their kids in tutoring sessions as a type of bonding experience.

Fortnite tutors are apparently contactable on social media and contracting sites, with the article noting that one site has allegedly hired 1,400 tutors since March this year. 

However, an 18-year-old coach told the publication that he's a bit perplexed by the whole situation: 'My dad would never have paid for me to take video game lessons,' he commented.

Regardless of what you may think about all of this, Fortnite is massive right now. The game is reportedly notching up two million dollars per month on iOS alone, and Epic Games is now apparently worth as much as eight billion dollars thanks largely to the shooter.