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*LIVE NOW* Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Time – what time was it released in US, UK?

Overwatch 2
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Overwatch 2 Season 2 is live and can now be played on all platforms worldwide. Players will be able to fully explore the latest offerings that this follow-up chapter has brought with it.

The first season of Overwatch 2 has come to a close and players can finally discover what this second season has to offer. According to a Blizzard blog post, users will now be able to access similar content from Season 1 with new characters, game modes, and maps.

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With the follow-up season finally here, many users will now be able to get back into an all-new grind.

What time did Overwatch 2 Season 2 start?

Overwatch 2 Season 2 began at 12 PM PST / 3 PM EST / 8 PM GMT. This is a similar release time to that of Season 1, which has typically been the case with previous chapters.

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Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Time by region

As we know now, key regions were given access to the new season at 8PM GMT, but what about other countries? We’ve got you covered here:


Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Time US

  • 12PM PT (Los Angeles)
  • 3PM ET (New York)

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Time UK

  • 8PM GMT (London)

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Time Brazil

  • Brasilia Time (BRT) Dec 6, 4:00 PM

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Time China

  • China Standard Time (CST) Dec 7, 3:00 AM

Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Time Japan

  • Japan Standard Time (JST) Dec 7, 4:00 AM

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Although Blizzard didn’t previously release anything extensive regarding the Season 2 Battle Pass, we now know that a new game has been introduced during it. The Battle for Olympus, which revolves around Greek mythology, has been released as part of this latest chapter. You can find out more about this new game mode here.

Players can also play on the new map called the Shambali Monastery, which features an Escort match type. If you want to know more about the new location, you’ll be able to find additional details here.

Season 2 is now available worldwide on all platforms. This includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.