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*UPDATED – LIVE NOW* When is the Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 WInter Wonderland 2022
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Overwatch 2’s annual Winter Wonderland event is now underway. The special in-game occasion, which first began way back in 2016, has now become something that players look forward to yearly.

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This year’s event includes four special game modes, and a bunch of challenges to earn weapon charms, player icons and more cosmetics.

Here’s all that you need to know about Blizzard’s holiday event.

Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland event start date

The Winter Wonderland event will begin on December 13 and will last until January 4. According to a Blizzard blog post, this year’s festivities will feature new and improved rewards which everyone will have the chance to acquire.

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Their announcement goes on to state that each event featured during the season will have a Skin as a reward that can be earned by simply completing challenges. Some of the potential prizes include Epic Ice Queen Brigitte, Legendary Winged Victory Mercy, and Legendary Kkachi Echo among others.

You’ll also be able to earn additional in-game items by simply watching Overwatch 2 streamers on Twitch. One of the drops that could potentially be earned by viewing includes a Legendary Ramattra Skin.


The game’s 2021 Winter Wonderland event featured five Legendary Skins that could be acquired by simply playing during the event. These cosmetics included the Snowman Wrecking Ball, Ice Wraith Genji, Snowboarder Baptiste, Reindeer Orisa, and Sleighing D.Va.

Three Epic Skins were similarly made available through Weekly Challenges last year. These were the Wooltide Tracer Skin, the Mistletoe Symmetra Skin, and the Peppermint Bark Brigitte Skin.

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