Overwatch 2 receives an ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ reaction on Steam with over 90,000 negative reviews

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Update: Since the publication of this article, Overwatch 2 has now become the most disliked game on Steam, with over 90,000 negative reviews.

Original Story: Following the recent release of Overwatch 2 on Steam just a few days ago, the game is already receiving massive backlash from fans of the series as the game currently sits on an ‘Overwhelmingly Negetive’ review rating on the PC game hosting service.

Out of just over 69,000 user reviews on Steam, over 62,000 of those reviews have the free-to-play team-based shooter marked with a negative review score. This enormous backlash is primarily due to Blizzard’s recent decision to roll back majorly, and in some cases outright cancel, the game’s promised PvE content. The promise of dedicated PvE content was a significant reason why many players chose to stick with the hero shooter, and since Blizzard’s announcement surrounding the change to content plans, many have been questioning why Overwatch 2 even needed to be published in the first place.

One player noted that “this company is not worth your money,” saying, “They essentially scrapped everything they promised for PvE and downgraded the game and are SLOWLY reintroducing aspects of the first game and calling them ‘Updates’. While the gameplay is still there, the greed overshadows everything else.”

Alongside this, many players have been pointing to the shutdown of the original Overwatch as it appears Blizzard aimed to get more players to migrate over to the game’s sequel. Annoyed and frustrated at the lack of innovation in Overwatch 2, another Steam reviewer says, “I somehow purchased Overwatch 1 for $40, which Blizzard then deleted and created this predatory microtransaction simulator instead. It’s the exact same game, but they removed all the stuff you paid full price for in Overwatch 1. If you played Overwatch 1 at launch, this is not only identical; it is the exact same game. Biggest cash grab of the 21st century.”

It is also likely that this pushback is related to Blizzard’s recent decision to charge $15 for Overwatch 2’s surviving PvE missions. One negative review pointed to this issue: “At least it will have a promised PvE Hero mode that would feature character progression, which was a main part of the game’s selling point? No, that was cancelled, but you can buy a lighter story mission for ‘only’ $15. Don’t support this predatory behaviour.”

It will be interesting to see whether, over time, this review rating evens out, but given the game’s current state, it’ll take a lot of positive reviews to even bump the game’s rating on Steam to a mixed review score. If you’re still adamant about jumping into Overwatch 2 Seasons 6, be sure to check out our guide titled Overwatch 2 Season 6 Invasion bundle details, cost, and contents.

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