Overwatch 2 is the most disliked game on Steam

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Overwatch 2’s recent release on Steam has invited a negative reception from players. While it could be argued that the mass amount of negative reviews the game has received on Steam is unwarranted, many players have been voicing their frustrations via Steam’s review system about the current state of Overwatch 2. Unfortunately for Blizzard, this has now resulted in Overwatch 2 becoming the most disliked game on Steam.

According to Steam250‘s Hall of Shame chart, Overwatch 2 is now the most disliked game on the entire Steam platform. With currently over 92,000 reviews on Steam, 90% of those reviews have the game marked with a negative review score. It’s certainly possible that a large reason the game received so many dislikes is down to the fact the game is free-to-play. This means players don’t have to spend any money on the game to leave a negative review about the product.

Given that a large proportion of the game’s reviews don’t actually say anything about the game outside of attempts at humour, which at this point is par for the course when it comes to Steam review sections, this point could be argued. However, several players have taken the opportunity to voice their grievances with how Overwatch 2 has been handled since its original launch last year.

Players such as Steam user BRAY noted, “They released Overwatch 2 as a free-to-play business model, which leans more heavily into microtransactions, overpriced skins and predatory behaviour. To make matters worse, they shut down the first game, making it unplayable for people who purchased it, meaning the player base has to move over to this free-to-play business model to keep playing the game”.

Alongside this, many fans quickly noted their frustration at Overwatch 2’s cancelled PvE content and Blizzard’s decision to charge $15 for the surviving PvE aspects of the game. Whether the amount of negative reviews for Overwatch 2 is justified definitely leads to a broader conversation about Steam’s review system. However, one thing is for sure; Blizzard has a lot of work to do with future updates if they hope to see their overall review score rise.

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