No Man’s Sky breaks bad with its new Outlaws update, out now

No Man’s Sky breaks bad with its new Outlaws update, out now
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Hello Games shows no sign of slowing down updates to space exploration game No Man’s Sky, dropping the new Outlaws update just two months after the last one.

This new update once again brings a whole suite of new additions for players, this time centred around those who skirt around the law. The big marquee feature is that of Outlaw Systems, with planets & stations away from the prying eyes of the Sentinels. As a result, they also have their own tech merchants, their own contraband marketplaces & unique mission agents.

The update also includes overhauls to space combat such as rebalancing them for challenge, flow and speed. Explosions have been given a going over too, with improved effects. You’ll also now be able to see occasional frigate fleets passing in the skies. There’s also the addition of squadrons, allowing you to summon wingmen to your side during combat.

Elsewhere there’s new additions like cloth physics, new missions with rewards to earn around the Outlaw and Pirate themes. There’s also the possibility of pirate raids now too, giving you more dangers to protect your planetary settlements from. Finally, at least for this roundup, you can find a new class of starship called the Solar Sail ship.

There’s actually a bunch more changes and tweaks in this patch, and far too many for us to list here. So as usual, we’ll direct you to the No Man’s Sky website to read more on the Outlaws update here. It’s available to download now for the game on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is still also on the way to Nintendo Switch this summer.