Nintendo Direct June 2024 start time countdown, exciting leaks and how to watch

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After weeks of rumors pointing to a Nintendo Direct this month, the event has finally been confirmed and is scheduled to happen in mere hours. It is scheduled to last 40-minutes long, and it should be full of terrific trailers full of gameplay and announcements. Here you will find the Nintendo Direct June 2024 start time countdown along with exciting leaks, rumors, and how to watch the event live.

It has been a fantastic month for the video game community with Summer Game Fest weekend, but there’s plenty else to anticipate this month. There’s the release of Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree in mere days, and there is also the release of the Palworld Sakurajima update before the end of this month. Not to mention for Nintendo there is also the release of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.

While more Elden Ring, Palworld, and Luigi’s Mansion is exciting, today we should learn about the rest of the year for Nintendo. The start time for the Nintendo Direct June 2024 is almost over, and leaks suggest there is plenty for fans to anticipate.

Nintendo Direct June 2024 start date

The start date for Nintendo Direct is June 18th. This was confirmed yesterday on the official NintendoAmerica Twitter account.

Although there is plenty to anticipate, the company has made clear that “There will be no mention of the Switch successor during this presentation”. In blatant terms, this means there will be no mention, let alone reveal, of the long-anticipated Switch 2.

When does Nintendo Direct June 2024 start?

The start time for Nintendo Direct June 2024 is 7AM PT/10AM ET/3PM BST on June 18th. The event is said to last roughly 40-minutes long, so it is typical length based on previous showcases.

Ahead of this upcoming event, it’s been announced by Miyamoto that the release date for the Super Mario Bros. movie sequel in Japan is April 24th, 2026. This movie is being made by Illumination following on from their massive success with the Mario movie released in 2023. It’s not official right now that the release date for the sequel will be the same worldwide as only the launch day for Japan is confirmed.

Nintendo Direct June 2024 start time US

  • 7AM PT on Tuesday, June 18th
  • 10AM ET on Tuesday, June 18th

Nintendo Direct June 2024 start time UK

  • 3PM BST on Tuesday, June 18th


Below is a countdown to when the event will begin:

How to watch

You can watch the event live on the official Nintendo YouTube channel. We have the scheduled livestream embedded below:

Nintendo Direct June 2024 leaks

Ahead of the Nintendo Direct for June 2024, there are plenty of leaks and rumors for what could appear at the event. Before diving into these reports, it’s important to know that none of them are official and therefore may not appear as speculated.

Per the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, often reliable leaker, NateTheHate, claims Square Enix will announce Fantasian. This is an Apple Arcade game that will reportedly be brought to console for PlayStation and Xbox, too, with a release sometime this year.

As for Nintendo exclusives, there are rumors that Xenoblade Chronicles X will be announced for Switch. This comes courtesy of Metro via Spanish source, YoleocomicsDC and Games.

In addition to the return of Xenoblade Chronicles X, there are also rumors that Star Fox will be present. The Metro says leakers have claimed something is happening with Star Fox, including possibly a remake of Star Fox Assault, but these rumors have not stemmed from anyone super reliable so it feels unlikely.

Perhaps the most exciting leak of all is Dragon Quest 1-3 2D HD Remake. According to leaker Midori, there will be the return of the classic Dragon Age Quest games with a release this year. Only a remake of DQ III was announced at the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary, but Midori claims it has extended to the Erdrick trilogy.

While all of the above are merely leaks and rumors that may not appear, it seems likely that we will see Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD as the release date is June 27th.

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