Warzone hackers will need to fly without wings to survive the new ‘Splat’ anti-cheat feature

Warzone hackers will need to fly without wings to survive the new ‘Splat’ anti-cheat feature
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Warzone is set to introduce an all-new anti-cheat measure that forcibly removes cheaters’ parachutes before deploying, fittingly called Splat. This essentially serves as a way of booting out any hacker that the Ricochet anti-cheat system finds in an unpredictable and infinitely more hilarious way than merely being booted out of the game.

This new anti-cheat protocol will be released alongside the Modern Warfare 3 release date, so this should finally give casual players some peace of mind when playing Warzone. Of course, we wouldn’t blame you for having doubts about Splat, as some of the anti-cheat elements introduced in the past haven’t completely been successful in removing hackers from the battle royale.

Luckily, Activision and Ricochet’s joint statement sheds more light on additional mitigation features that they’ve added as well, which should make it more comprehensive than other countermeasures. According to the developer announcement provided by CharlieIntel, Splat can also activate after a cheater has already deployed their parachute. The Ricochet anti-cheat team notes: “Splat can also adjust player velocity, which transforms a bunny-hop into a 10,000-foot drop, taking them out instantly.”

In addition, if you’re worried about going “Splat” yourself, don’t fret. Its developers have assured fans that it “won’t randomly turn on for a player that isn’t verified to be cheating.” Player reporting also won’t activate it, and the game can’t accidentally turn it on, so plenty of fail-safes are in place to avoid any unwanted pre-match deaths.

Though it may not entirely discourage players from cheating, the community should still welcome this new feature with open arms since each CoD game continues to run rampant with cheaters. So, if you need more help in the never-ending battle against those pesky hackers, check out our guides on the best Striker loadout in MW3, the best AMR9 loadout in MW3, and the best Renetti loadout in MW3.