New Helldivers 2 leak gives us a first look at The Illuminate

New Helldivers 2 leak gives us a first look at The Illuminate
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It is often easy to forget that Helldivers 2 is just over two months old at this point. With the regular new content added and constant Major Orders to deal with, it feels as if we have been spreading democracy for years at this point. With the game still being so new, there is still plenty of content and ideas that we will see added over the coming months and even years. One of these is the inclusion of The Illuminate, who has been rumored to come to the game for some time now. This faction played a large role in the first Helldivers game and will be making their return to Helldivers 2 in the future. And, based on current leaks, they may make their presence known sooner rather than later.

The new Illuminate leaks come courtesy of U/IronS1ghts on Reddit, who is noted as being a ‘Worthy Leaker’ so these should be accurate and according to IronS1ghts come from the in-game files. It is worth noting that, at least for the Warp Gate, the textured effected “The effect “was created using the Caustics texture found in the files. (With heavy modification)” So, we can’t confirm whether the other two textured leaks are what we will see in the game or created by IronS1ghts, but with the details such as the emblem it seems like these will be the textures used in-game.

Here are all of The Illuminate leaks that have been posted so far.

Adept Mage Untextured, Tier 1, and Tier 2

Three digital renderings of a stylized wizard character from Helldivers 2 in different color schemes, progressively going from a light to a dark palette.
Image created by VideoGamer via U/IronS1ghts on Reddit

“Guy” Untextured and Textured

Two images of a Helldivers 2 model robot with a horned helmet, one in white and the other in dark gray, posed dynamically against a blurred background.
Image created by VideoGamer via U/IronS1ghts on Reddit

Warp Gate Untextured and Textured

A split-view image showcasing a Helldivers 2 stargate portal; on the left, an unfinished 3D model, and on the right, the completed model with vibrant blue
Image created by VideoGamer via U/IronS1ghts on Reddit

After being exterminated by the Helldivers in the first game, and said to be extinct, Super Earth believed that was the last they’d ever hear of The Illuminate. But, players have randomly received a distorted radio message while on their ship that says “Super Earth lied…they didn’t want you to know…the Illuminate…they’re coming” (Credit to the Helldivers Fandom Wiki for the quote)

In the first Helldivers game, The Illuminate was said to be “cleaner and more regal” and their “abilities were nanotech and explained through science,” according to u/Abyss_walker_123. But, u/Lost-Specialist1505 has an interesting theory that The Illuminate “encountered elder gods or extradimensional horrors during their Exile outside the Galaxy. Their tech, aesthetic, and new abilities, are too different from the first game. Whatever they found, seems to have promised them power and gave them some forbidden knowledge.”

It is exciting to see The Illuminate for the first time and we can’t wait for them to come to the game as the new threat to Super Earth and they should shake up Helldivers 2 in a big way. To prepare for the arrival of The Illuminate, as well as to be able to take on the existing threats to the galaxy, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide. And if the news of The Illuminate is exciting, also check out our Helldivers 2 leaks and rumors page to keep up with everything coming to the game soon.